Storm Clouds and Sunflowers

Storm Clouds and Sunflowers

By Brittney Leigh

Floating through my life on autopilot,

So much loss plagues my present days.

The forecast for the week ahead looks grim,

No different then the years passed away.

How long can these storm clouds last?

I’ve been soaked in sadness for so long.

The emptiness is only filled by anger,

By the passersby smiles of delight.

 How do they have so much sun,

Shining on them through day and night?

And I am here alone, again and still,

I cant keep fighting, I have no will.

I can’t take no more! I scream to the sky,

And an angel floats down, having heard my outcry.

Sweet child, my dear, I’ve always been here,

You’ve drowned out my voice, my nudges, my calls.

I’ve been waiting for you to let down your walls,

Look up and behind you, for what you have done.

You hold so, to the string of the past,

And on the other end, your storm cloud lasts.

My grip so tight, my knuckles are white,

I close my eyes, more tears to fall.

I was scared to let go, would It mean I don’t care?

Could I actually be happy, even without you there?

With a smile so warm, all the sunflowers turned,

She held out her hand, and that’s when I learned.

I must let go of the past, I must heal from this pain,

Or I’ll never move forward, I’ll always refrain.

With one big deep breath, and a moment of courage,

A Release of the grip, and opening of the heart,

Her hand slipped in mine, and we were never to part.

Storm Clouds and Sunflowers

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