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While I believe in and practice presentness everyday, there is something to be said about being excited for the future. I am in the midst of developing a number of programs, workshops and even a book series, all revolving around mindset, healing traumas, intuition and spirituality. We are in a beautiful time of awakening and self awareness. Stay in the loop for news from The Bleighve Vision.

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Stay up to date with the latest news, events, and workshops from The Bleighve Vision.

Growth Gathering -Talk on Intro to Healing

Growth Gathering -Talk on Intro to Healing

Are you on a continued pursuit of education to expand yourself and your business? I'm delighted to invite you to fuel up with the information from the incredible wisdom that will be shared at the upcoming Growth Gathering on January 20, 2022 hosted by Your Holistic...

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Programs Info:

My upcoming programs and workshops are geared to those ready to level up in their lives, take back their control and bring back the magic back into their day to day. I haven’t forgotten about our future generations either, for those that are interested in introducing your children into the world of yoga, meditation, mother earth and nurturing their special gifts, there will be something for them as well!

No matter how strong, resilient, and brave we are:

      • We all need a little help sometimes,
      • A little guidance,
      • A little reassurance
      • And that’s ok.