Brittney Leigh is an Edmonton Artist.


Edmonton Mixed Media Artist

Brittney is a mixed media artist living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Obsessed with the creative world from a very young age, she has experimented with all forms of art mediums. Being completely self-taught, her curriculum was designed by her curiosity to explore ways of self expression.

Recently she began experimenting in visual artwork and made many of the Akashic images appearing on the website. Her artwork is inspired by her experienced or desired emotions and created to invoke feeling in its observer.”

Time stands still

in the studio

Time stands still in the studio.

-Brittney Leigh



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Along with personally inspired pieces, Brittney loves working with clients on custom commissions and bringing a part of their imagination to life with her artwork.

Engaging in a new project is invigorating. You can frequently find Brittney in her studio creating a new object. From Acrylics to sculpting, she is inspired by the world around her and working in different materials.

Premade artwork and custom paintings are available for purchase by contacting me directly

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